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Cemetery Gravestones

Horse Cave Cemeteries

The City of Horse Cave currently operates two cemeteries:
The Guthrie Street Municipal Cemetery at 459 Guthrie Street in the northwest section of the town. To reach this cemetery travel north on Dixie Street (US Hwy 31-W) two blocks from the Main Street stoplight. Turn left onto Guthrie Street. There is a sign at the intersection of Guthrie Street and Dixie Street giving directions to the cemetery. 

The Main Street Municipal Cemetery is located at 402 East Main Street in the eastern section of the town. To reach this cemetery travel east on Main Street (KY Hwy 218) three blocks from the Dixie Street stop light. Turn left from Main Street into the cemetery driveway. The cemeteries are managed by the Deputy Clerk with maintenance under the direction of the City Cemetery Supervisor and Maintenance Department. The Guthrie Street and Main Street Cemetery Trust Funds are established to accept tax-exempt donations to aid with perpetual maintenance.


For information address The City of Horse, P.O. Box 326, Horse Cave, KY. 42749 or call 270-786-2680 or email

Cemetery Records: Crystal James & Joy Bennett - (270) 786 - 2680

Cemetery Supervisor: 

Maintenance: Byron Logsdon - (270) 218 - 5014

Randy Russell- (270) 537-3492


Guthrie Street Cemetery

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The Guthrie Street Municipal Cemetery is the traditional burying ground for the black community of Horse Cave. The earliest mention of the cemetery in extant records at City Hall is in May 1905 when a four-man board of trustees was appointed: John Willis, Horace Larue, Lewis Parrish and E.G. Strange. The minutes note that until this time H.E. Thomas had been in charge of the cemetery. The earliest readable tombstone shows a death date of 1886, but many tombstones have weathered beyond reading or were perhaps not engraved at all. In 1997 the city expanded this cemetery with the purchase of 3.09 acres east of the old cemetery from Cathy Wilkins.

Main Street Cemetery

The Main Street Municipal Cemetery was established December 5, 1879, when the city purchased 208 lots of private land already in use as a burial ground for city residents from Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Miller. This land constitutes the front or southernmost part of the current cemetery. The section just north of the Miller land was purchased July 30, 1907, from Alice R. Yancey, and the section west of the Yancey land which contains the maintenance building was purchased July 15, 1907 from W.E. Fults. The official plat of the cemetery was adopted September 2, 1908. At the time burial was limited to residents of the city. The cemetery was expanded in 1962 with the purchase of the King-Payton addition to the east, in 1965 with the purchase of the Lafferty farm to the north, and in 1998 with the purchase of land to the east and north. 

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